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Stay Classy Gentlemen: 5 Tips To Dress Like An Adult – Tip 1

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Yeah, I wanna look like Sinatra.

I constantly get mistaken for someone about ten years younger than my actual age. I know to some this sounds like a stupid thing to worry about, but I tell you – it shits me big time.

It only just happened again yesterday. I met someone for the first time and we got chatting. I started talking of life and love etc, until he stopped me mid sentence and asked how old I was. When I told him he put on the usual amazed face and said he thought I was just out of uni and just some young dude in my early twenties. Then he made a joke about if I’d started shaving yet and if I still get asked for ID at the bottle’o.

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Written by Jake Fox

November 7, 2010 at 1:09 am

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