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Beers and Spray Tans

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'Wow, I look pretty good for 37!'

‘Wow, I look pretty good for 37!’

I’m going to tell you something I swore I wouldn’t tell anyone, ever. And to be honest, I’m a little nervous about it. However I feel this is a safe place. A place of non-judgment. Somewhere we can let it all dangle in the breeze and save our sniggering for later when we aren’t around each other. Not that I do that of course.

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Sudden Fame and Photos of Your Junk

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‘You aint seen nothing yet, Queeny’.

It’s all over the news today that Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, went topless during a holiday with Kate and Will in Ibiza five years ago. There just happened to be a few (probably thousand) photographers floating around nearby to take some happy snaps.

There’s a few glaring questions; like why the hell didn’t she contemplate the amount of paps obviously around (duh), and is it actually cool to get your norgs out in front of your sister’s boyfriend? But there’s also another issue:

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So Should We Slap, Shake, Kiss, Hug, Or Ignore?

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This is the section were we get to have a bitch about what’s pissing us off right now. It’ll always be posted on Monday, just to coincide with the best day of the week – if you’re still drunk from a roaring Sunday session. If not, it’s because Mondays have a tendency to totally blow.

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"I think my hand is near your penis."

This is something that happens in my life almost every day. Countless times every day.

It’s the simple handshake. But, it’s not simple is it.

Whose hand do you shake? Whose hand don’t you shake? When do you kiss a girl on the cheek? Is shaking a girl’s hand considered rude? Is hugging another man in public weird?

It happens to everyone. You know, that moment when you second guess yourself just before you go to shake hands or kiss someone’s cheek, and there’s that second of not knowing what to do. You know it. The other person knows it. It’s fucking awkward.

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Written by Jake Fox

September 27, 2010 at 10:41 am

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