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Stay Classy Gentlemen: 5 Tips To Dress Like An Adult – Tip 2

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Powderfinger would be bums without their jackets.

So I watched the Arias last night. Anyone who doesn’t know, the Arias are the Australian music awards. They’re like MTV awards, but with tall poppy syndrome rife in Australia everyone tries to come across totally laid back and chilled to the point one begins to wonder if the majority of Australian artists are half retarded.

Since I started this whole ‘stay classy gentlemen’ trip, I’ve been taking a lot more notice of what other dudes wear, and watching the Arias gave me a good chance to have a look at what the rock stars of Australia are into.

I’m sure if we had the confidence to strut around in rock star like clothes we all would. I know I would. Becoming a rock star would have to go down as my one of three wishes if I ever do find that genie.

However when it came time for Angus and Julia Stone to accept their award for album of the year, I sort of went WTF?? I mean, I actually really enjoy their music – I’ve got all their albums and play them regularly – but Angus Stone had on a ratty t-shirt with a faded shirt unbuttoned over the top, and what looked like sandals on his feet (maybe thongs). I know I know, they’re sort of hippie musicians and that’s their angle, but come on. I mean, really, come ON. You’re at a fucking awards ceremony! Put in a little effort for Christs sake!

So here’s my tip number 2 for dressing like an adult:

Wear a Jacket

And I mean an actual suit, or blazer style jacket, not one that wards off spray with a giant Billabong logo on the back of it

It’s scary, I know. The first time I wore a jacket I felt so pretentious I wanted to pour beer over my head and kick myself in the balls. But I’ve gotten used to it now and it’s a staple in my smart casual, or casual formal wardrobe picks.

And if the men’s fashion at the Arias last night tells you anything – a rock star loves a stylish jacket. Wearing one immediately places you in the higher (and cooler looking) fashion class structure of a room. When I see someone wearing a sweet jacket the person always looks as if they’ve made an effort to look snappy.

And it’s not something that only grandfathers or university lecturers wear. Every one of us should have a stylish jacket we can whip out. It says you’re an adult, and you actually give a damn. And if you give a damn about that, people will believe you give a damn about the financial markets, or donating to charities, or where your new single is in the charts, when in fact all you care about is beer and taco Tuesday – like me.

Once, I had on my favourite jacket and this girl, a friend of a friend, started talking about her band and relating it back to me and how I feel about performing live on stage. She kept including me in muso experiences and by the end I realised she just assumed I had to be some kind of accomplished musician with my own band.

I do play guitar – badly. And the one time I got up at a jam night so I could then write an article about it I very nearly shit my daks. But of course I just nodded and let her make the assumption. Fuck it, I wasn’t ever going to see her again. Afterwards I had a little more swagger in my step, and since then I’ve always felt ultra cool in that same jacket.

See, this dude's wearing vintage and look at all those chicks!

A jacket doesn’t need to be expensive either. All of my jackets – and I’m building up a bit of a collection now – are from op-shops, or vintage clothing stores. Some have cost me $15, and some about $80, but they all may as well be brand new. And jacket/blazer styles now are very similar to the styles of the 60’s and 70’s, so second hand ones are actually the coolest looking.

So, just do it. Give a jacket a go. Pair it with the jeans I spoke of in Tip 1 and you’ll look a million bucks. I reckon you’ll be surprised at how classy and stylish you’ll feel.

Any tips for an inexpensive classy look?


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Written by Jake Fox

November 8, 2010 at 11:04 pm

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